Help Us Fill a 2020 Holiday Basket

2020 has been a long and crazy year and unfortunately it appears that this holiday season will be anything but normal. As we approach the 2020 holidays, we are excited to extend an invitation to those who find themselves in a position to help our neighbors who are in a stressful financial situation this holiday.  The Holiday Food Basket program has been a long-standing successful community cooperative effort and with your help we are excited to make this year a continuation of that success.

Below you will find a list of specific food items that would be helpful over the next several weeks for both Thanksgiving and Christmas deliveries. At the bottom of the page, you will also note where and when you can drop items off. In a time when divisiveness and vitriol are constantly displayed nationwide, we thank you in advance for your willingness to consider helping make this season a time to be truly thankful for a community that cares for each other, in spite of the differences we may have.

Holiday Food Basket Donation Request Information

  • Ham or Turkey (must be frozen, cooked preferred) – Under 10 pounds
  • Hot Dogs, Sausages, Bacon – Any size/amount
  • Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Carrots – Any size/amount
  • Cooked Chicken or Turkey – 12 to 16 oz
  • Cooked Beef, Corned Beef, or Ham – 12 to 16 oz
  • Soup: Chicken Noodle/Rice, Tomato – 10 to 10 oz
  • Chowders: Clam, Corn, or Potato – 14 to 20 oz
  • Stews: Beef or Chicken, Chili – 15 to 24 oz
  • Spaghetti, with Meatballs, Ravioli – 15 to 24 oz
  • Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, or Oranges -15 to 24 oz
  • Instant Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing – 12 to 24 oz
  • Cakes (any kind), Brownies, Cookies, Biscuits – 16 to 24 oz
  • Juice: Apple, Orange, Grape, Cranberry, etc. – 32 to 64 oz
  • Laundry Detergent – 40 to 80 oz
  • Cleaners and Disinfectants – 16 to 32 oz
  • Dish Soap – 16 to 32 oz
  • Masks – reusable or disposable – Any size/amount
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste – Any size/amount
  • Dog and Cat Food (dry) – 3 to 5 pound bags
  • Cat Litter – Any size

Drop Information

Food, cash and check donations can be delivered to our new facility located at 19 Park Street, Kennebunk, ME 04043 during our operating hours below.

Mon 12-3pm; Tues 3-6pm; Thur 3-6pm; Fri 9am-1pm

To donate online click the “donate now” button below. If you are interested in sending a check, please make checks payable to the address below:

Community Outreach Services
P.O. Box 1175
Kennebunk, ME 04043

Note: We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code, and as such, all cash donations are fully tax deductible.

COS Is Moving!

With the impending need to move from Vinegar Hill, our team has been working tirelessly to confirm a plan for a new location. It has been a logistical and scheduling challenge the last few weeks to say the least, but our move to our new home is finally happening the week after Labor Day.

With the support of the three towns of Arundel, Kennebunk and Kennebunkport and their encouragement to see us get our own space, COS is pleased to announce our new location at what used to be the old Teen Center on 19 Park Street. With much work and visionary drive from Karen Winton and Chris Osterrieder and support from the Kennebunk Town Manager and Select Board, our dream to have our own home has finally come true. With an incredible construction leadership role from Dave Boyd, the building has been transformed to make our new headquarters a beautiful place to serve the needs of our neighbors in the community.

COS is humbled to have such a strong partnership with the three General Assistance Officers of all three towns and we look forward to being able to serve more now that we have our own home. COS is grateful to have been a part of this community for the last 30 years and we look forward to continuing to meet the food, fuel and specific needs challenges of our neighbors. This is a pic of the space with work in progress on some renovations. We will be sharing more detailed information very soon so that our neighbors and volunteers will know what to expect in the coming days.

You Drink, We Donate!

Mornings In Paris has almost reached their goal to sell 250lbs of their very own COS Community Blend coffee! Let’s help them reach their goal by the weekend (only 50 more bags to go – so now is a good chance to get a restock if you’re getting low).

Hannaford Supermarkets has just been restocked and they are fully stocked at the Mornings In Paris shop in Lower Village.

Stop on by – $4 from every bag sold goes directly to COS to help our neighbors!

4th Farm to Fork a Success!

The following article was posted on Seacoast Online

The community, including actor Patrick Dempsey, turned out last week to support Community Outreach Services, an organization of “neighbors who are reaching out to help our neighbors.”

The fourth annual Farm to Fork dinner, a fundraiser for COS, gathered more than 100 community members at Wardbrook Farm in West Kennebunk for a hearty meal and neighborly conversation. COS helps feed the hungry, provides fuel assistance to keep people warm, and addresses specific needs of children and the elderly. The organization coordinates with the general assistance offices in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel to help individuals in need with paying their rent or electric bill, getting items they need like eyeglasses, and more.

“Within our community, within our sphere of influence, there are individuals that depend heavily on COS. We are the neighbors who are reaching out to help our neighbors,” said Mark Jago, the organization’s executive director.

Karen Winton, Kennebunk’s general assistance administrator, shared stories of those who have benefited from the organization’s support. They are neighbors who stand in the same line at the grocery store, or who are stuck sitting in the same traffic on Route 1, she said. For one woman, $157.86 for car repairs so she could get to work helped her on her way “to getting back on my feet.” Through Winton and COS, a local veteran, who had received ill-fitted dentures from the Department of Veterans Affairs, was able to connect with a local denture specialist and “now every time I see him he’s smiling from ear to ear,” Winton said.

“These are our neighbors. These are individuals and families who live in our three towns,” she said. “It can be hard to qualify for these types of programs, yet people still have needs. These people would otherwise fall through the cracks of our programs. But not in our community.”

Dempsey, who owns a home in Kennebunkport, said he was invited to the dinner by a friend and supporter of COS, and wanted to learn more about the organization and ways to support its efforts.

Earlier in the week, Dempsey had been in Boston at a special screening of the new film he produced, “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” a fundraiser for The Dempsey Center. Dempsey founded the center in his hometown of Lewiston, and recently a second site opened in South Portland. According to its website, the center offers “quality-of-life services at no cost to help people manage a cancer impact emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically.” Thanks to grants, donations, and fundraising, these services are offered for free.

“We don’t treat the disease, we treat the person,” Dempsey said of the center.

Being back in the Kennebunks, Dempsey said, “I’m home.”

“I love it here. I love it all,” he added. “I’m from Maine so it’s good to be back here.”

The community, he said, is filled with “really good people” and he was happy to be surrounded by some of those community members at the Farm to Fork dinner.

Attendees were surprised by Dempsey’s attendance and excited to welcome him to the event, and share the work of Community Outreach Services with him and others.

Amy Costa, who lives in Massachusetts and has a home in Kennebunk, said the annual dinner is “always on my radar.” “It’s an amazing cause,” she said.

The idea of the Farm to Fork fundraiser, said COS Development Director Michelle Allen, “is to talk to your neighbors, to get to know one another. There’s no better way to do that than with food and wine.”

The evening’s dinner was cooked by local chefs and served by COS volunteers: Chef Tyler Laroche, of 50 Local in Kennebunk, prepared a beet salad and fish stew; chef David Angenend of Texas Grace Kitchen served champagne mashers and coffee and chili smoked beef tenderloin; chef Shannon Bard served herb roasted Wardbrook Farm chicken; and the Bitter End served roasted sweet potato salad and local corn and green bean ceviche.

For more information on The Dempsey Center, visit

Link to the original article from Seacoast Online