We are so grateful for the support from our community. We recognize that many of you have been involved and are aware of the needs here in the Kennebunks, but we have been told regularly by locals as well as seasonal residents who find out about the scope of the needs in this area that they never realized the severity of the situation and would have helped more and would have helped sooner if they had just known. So we are committed to helping make the need known and to share with you how you can help.

Giving back to our community is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Food

Since one of the original and continued core services we offer is the delivery of non-perishable food to those in need of meals, we are grateful for the many food drives and organizations that give regularly at local collection points. So please know that whether you work for an organization who wants to organize a food drive or collect food on a regular basis, we can help accommodate your collection and even pick up the items from your location. We appreciate food donations as they go a long way to helping the basic needs of our clients.

2. Funds

Did you know that monetary donations go much further than food donations? It’s because as an organization, we can obtain most food just for the cost of the freight or at wholesale cost. It also allows us to pay for non-food items such as fuel assistance and specific needs programs. Cash donations at this time will also help launch a new food program called Food For Thought. If funding is achieved, this program will allow underfed children in our schools to receive food for the weekends during the school year. We need your help to maintain what we are doing and to consider areas of growth such as the Food For Thought program for schools. To donate online click the “donate now” button below. If you are interested in sending a check, please make checks payable to:

Community Outreach Services
P.O. Box 1175
Kennebunk, ME 04043

Note: We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code, and as such, all cash donations are fully tax deductible.

3. Time

We are regularly in need of volunteers to staff events, deliver meals, staff tables at food drives, etc. If you are willing to help serve with your time and give back to the community in this way please go to this page and fill out the volunteer form.

However you decide to contribute, we THANK YOU!