Food4Kids Program


How is hunger affecting children in our own community?

Here is some food for thought:

Can you imagine what hunger, true excessive hunger can do to an adult let alone a child? Not only are there the physical symptoms of hunger such as depression and difficulty sleeping, but also the behavioral and educational symptoms as well.

More importantly, can you imagine the greater healthy impact upon our children if not one child went hungry over the weekends? Think of the improvements in behavior, attention span, peer relationships and learning in school. What about when the children are on school break and do not have access to the school breakfast or lunch program? Now, imagine the positive impact those children can also have in our communities. So, how can we eliminate the hunger during those times?

What can we do about the problem of hungry children in our communities?

The Answer:   Food4Kids Program

Community Outreach Services (COS) is working with RSU 21 and the 3 Town Social Services Offices to provide nutritious food for children when school lunch and breakfast are unavailable on weekends, school holidays, and summer break. This new program encompasses the previous backpack and summer lunch programs and is now called the COS Food4Kids Program (F4K). All food is provided to children free of charge year round. We hope these resources support the health, behavior, and achievement of every student who participates.

The program is intended to help children in families having a difficult time keeping up with the costs of buying food, but all children are eligible for this program. Food typically includes:  Breakfast Items, Sandwich Items, Soups & Stews, Canned Meats, Tuna & Vegetables, Pasta, Juice & Drinks, Snacks & Desserts, and Breads

The program is run completely by wonderful COS volunteers who help pack the food bags and deliver them to the designated pick-up locations at the Town Offices or COS Food Pantry located at 19 Park Street in Kennebunk. The program is completely funded through the generous gifts of numerous COS donors.

Parents are invited to fill out the online application form here on our website where the information will go directly to their local GA Admin or to contact their local GA Admin if they need assistance in filling out the form: 

  • Arundel: Wendy Lank 207-985-4201 x113 or
  • Kennebunk: Tabetha Barden 207-604-1394 or
  • Kennebunkport: Alison Kenneway 207-967-4401 or

Food4Kids Application