Mildred L. Day School Students Build Huge Food Drive Tower

Congratulations to the Mildred L. Day School in Arundel.  Every year they hold a food drive to celebrate the One Hundred Days of School which happens in February.  Each classroom is assigned a food item like pasta, peanut butter, jelly, canned fruit, soup, cereal, etc.  The class is then challenged to collect at least 100 of the item to be donated to our COS food pantry.  The drive culminates in a school-wide assembly to which we are invited.  The school builds a huge tower of food to present to us along with certificates documenting how many items were collected by each classroom.

Oncephoto again, this year was a tremendous success. The school collected 1,629 items of school that weighed a total of 1,476 pounds.

Thanks to the M. L. Day School our pantry cupboard is loaded right now with wonderful things for our clients.  We are so thankful that the school staff, teachers, children, and parents support us in this impressive way.  Not only does it stock our shelves but it teaches the children about giving back to their community as well as the responsibility we all have to help the less fortunate.

As we were packing up the donations after the assembly to take to the food pantry, one 5th grader approached me to say the he thought this school event was wonderful and awesome and he would miss it so much next year as he moves on to the middle school.  This speaks volumes for the school that the children love this event and will remember the excitement and fun of it as they move through life.  And this is how it should be, that we work to help those in need with a happy attitude.  M. L. Day you are doing a fabulous job with our kids.  Thank you!

Beth Jones, Executive Director