Do You See It?

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Illustrated so perfectly in our logo, COS is a community of neighbors extending a helping hand to our neighbors in the Kennebunks who are faced with Food, Fuel, and Specific Needs challenges.

Look again at our logo. The “O” is a group of people forming a circle, locked arm-in-arm. How well this represents our community! The communities of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel that make up what we know as the Kennebunks are a special place and we often see people of different backgrounds and walks of life coming together side-by-side to make a difference. Our new logo (actually our first ever logo) was designed to enable people to have that “aha” moment when they finally see it. You know, the kind when your perspective shifts and you actually get something that has been there all along.

Those who are familiar with the Kennebunks are aware of the natural beauty of the landscape, the incredible architecture of the shipbuilding tycoons of days gone by, and the quaint and friendly downtown areas, complete with the best shopping, dining and entertainment New England has to offer; but there is another landscape very few see. It is the landscape of real need and hunger. This reality includes stories of families who are experiencing financial difficulties and don’t know where their next meal is coming from. There are elderly couples that can’t pay for their next oil delivery due to fixed income and a long, cold Maine winter; a father who lost his job; and the single Mom that has developed cancer and has no health insurance, while her two young children go to school hungry on Monday morning with little in their tummies to feed them that day. These stories are real and many; right here in the Kennebunks, the very community we serve. Our organization has witnessed a 47% increase in demand for meals and other program services directly from our community just this past year. The need is great and it is growing.

This puts COS at a very significant crossroads. We are in need of a community “huddle” if you will. We recognize that many of you have been involved and are aware of the needs here in the Kennebunks, but we have been told regularly by locals as well as seasonal residents that find out about the scope of the needs in this area that they never realized the reality of the situation and would have helped more and would have helped sooner if they had known.

So that is our premise. People in this great community genuinely want to help. And communication is our goal. To let people know the actual needs and offer ways that we can work together to deliver that help where needed.

Will you be a part of the solution? Thank you for considering and please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or feedback on ways you think we can better serve this community for the next 25 years. Click here to fill out a contact form or email us.