“Stuff the Bus” Thank You!

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As contentious as the 2016 elections were, the people of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Arundel deserve to be richly commended for their community spirit. Both Kennebunk and Kennebunkport hosted at the Stuff the Bus at the Polls food drives for Community Outreach Services (COS), which operates our local food pantry. The results were phenomenal. Kennebunkport, which has held election day food drives for years, collected 988 pounds of food and $1,327. Kennebunk, which held its first ever election day Stuff the Bus, collected 1,130 pounds of food and $625. Arundel put out food donation boxes and collected 50 pounds of food.

We especially need to thank the town volunteers who organized and ran the drives. In Kennebunkport, Judy Barrett and Allyson Kenneway were responsible from beginning to end. In Kennebunk, Karen Winton did the organizing and found the volunteers. In Arundel, Wendy Lank kept track of the food boxes. COS feels very fortunate to have these wonderful women on our side. Thank you, ladies.

At COS we feel so blessed by the caring attitude of the people in our community. We all recognize that one little mishap, accident, or illness can change a life forever and put families and individuals at terrible risk. By working together to care for our neighbors in difficult circumstances, we accomplish so much more than if we worked alone. To all of you who care enough to support us and work with us and on behalf of those who benefit from your support, thank you.