Trentalange Family Dentistry Sponsors Healthy Food Drive

Don’t you love it when you come across a cause you can really get behind and support because it aligns with your lifestyle and way of thinking?! Then this might be for you. We’re talking about something you can really “sink your teeth into. “ Well, that is the very reason why Dr. Jim Trentalange of Trentalange Family Dentistry in Arundel is having a healthy food drive for the two weeks of July 13 – 23 to support the Community Outreach Services (COS) Food Pantry. COS serves those with emergency needs in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel.

The summer months are often a time when food drives are not happening and the resources for the Food Pantry become limited. Trentalange Family Dentistry wants to help. Jim is passionate about helping his patients, and particularly children, think healthy and live healthy for overall mouth healthiness. Because of this, Trentalange is treating his patients’ oral health with a comprehensive approach by helping his patients first understand what they can do for their own oral health. Jim believes it begins with diet. This is why he believes a healthy food drive is consistent with the approach of his business practice.
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Jim and his Staff are truly passionate in doing the best they can for their patients. Jim’s ongoing pursuit of cutting edge technology illustrates the fact he is convinced he can make a difference. Trentalange promotes to his patients a healthy lifestyle of which the mouth is an integral part. Studies have shown that children by the age of eight, will get more sugar in their diet than they do for a life time thereafter. Trentalange Family Dentistry understands especially for children the damage excessive sugar can do to oral health. They want their patients to understand that nutritious food is also vital for healthy teeth.

Jim and the Trentalange Family Dentistry team is asking for everyone to join them in promoting healthy eating by bringing in nutritious non-perishable food that is not loaded with excessive corn syrup. Anyone can bring in the non-perishable food at the office location at 1389 Portland Rd (Route 1) in Arundel between the hours of 8am to 4pm, Monday – Thursday. For more information call 985-9857 or visit their website at